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Tiny Home Meal Time: Cooking Appliances for Your Kitchen

When it comes to planning meal preparation in your new tiny home or cabin, there are a variety of options accessible to off-grid enthusiasts. While it can be an adjustment to shift to a smaller way of life, newcomers will find that the same essentials are available, just in a different scale. Cooking can easily take place with the use of an electric or propane stove/cooktop, making it easy to prepare many of your favourite meals. Fire Pit Fundamentals carries a vast selection of natural gas and propane operated ranges and cooktops to help make your Tiny Kitchen complete. Read on to learn more about selecting the right product for your home.


Stovetops are a great, cost-effective option for individuals who don’t aim to spend a lot of time cooking heat based meals. Due to their size, they fit conveniently on countertops and free up additional space for other kitchen items. Cooktops offered through Fire Pit Fundamentals are four-burner, and range in size from 24 to 26 inches. If paired with battery fueled microwave/secondary cooking appliance, gas or propane stovetops can be a fantastic alternative to a full-scale range for many tiny home owners.


For those are at home in the kitchen and love to spend a little more time whipping up food in the kitchen, our propane/gas ranges are a better alternative. Ranges provide the typical four burners found on a cooktop, as well as a reasonably sized oven. While ranges may be a little more expensive, they afford you more options regarding meal prep and are well suited to off-grid families, or even those looking to make their cabin kitchen a little more functional.

Regardless of which option you choose, Fire Pit Fundamentals can help you find the best unit that fits your home and lifestyle. Contact us today, and we’ll happily help you get your new kitchen ready to go. Happy eating!

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