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Solar Panels: Your Source for Winter Power

With Winter on the horizon, Fire Pit Fundamentals has begun to see an increase in customers inquiring about caring for their off-grid solar panel during the colder months. To answer a few of our frequently asked questions, Fire Pit would like to present the first part of our three part series on Getting Off-Grid Winter Ready

53° is the magic number (angle)

It’s true! 53° is the ideal angle for solar panels located in Canada. The angle allows for ample sunlight absorption and helps snow slide off the surface. For any snow that does remain, using a gentle, soft brush (to avoid scratching the panels) to remove any build up should suffice. One note of further advice: if you are using panels on the roofing of your home, or any other elevated area, please use caution and never attempt to climb across or on the panels. They can become quite slick when wet!

Rest easy

One of the best aspects of solar energy is the durability of the panels. Solar panels stand up to the toughest weather and climate conditions. Their solid build also means that maintenance is easy, with a gentle clearing required only every so often. For those looking for an easy power solution, solar energy is a strong bet for success.

Check your secondary sources of power

Some areas may receive fewer hours of daylight during the winter months, meaning that an alternate source of power is necessary if you plan on maintaining your usual power usage (after all, who doesn’t want to be able warm up with a nice shower on a cool day?). Ensuring that your batteries and pumps are winter ready (which we will cover in another blog) is paramount to ensuring your comfort and safety against the cold.

Planning for a spring build? The winter is also one of our peak time for inquiries coming from those planning a build once the snow melts. If you’re looking to get a head start, contact us today to learn the essentials and more!

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