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Off-Grid Essentials Part Two: Lifestyle Logistics

As part two of our series on making the shift to off-grid living, this blog is a follow up to our initial discussion on monitoring your energy consumption. The second part of researching whether the off-grid lifestyle is the right fit for you is to consider the realities of what off-grid looks like in practice. Read on to learn more!

Step two: Begin by considering the difference between adding to/remodeling your current home and building an entirely new structure designed for remote living.

It may seem like an obvious task, but contemplating the differences between these two options is an important part of your off-grid homework. If you’re not fully sold on the idea of living away from the city, or can’t due to work and/or family commitments, the great news is that Fire Pit Fundamentals is pleased to offer a variety of products that can meet you halfway. We can happily work alongside you and your family to make sure you get the most out of your green lifestyle and reduce costs wherever possible! For those who are planning on making a full transition to off-grid, you’ll need to consider additional tools and resources (stay tuned for our next blog, outlining these in more detail!) to make your build a reality.

If you’re planning on doing a new build (remotely), there are a few legalities and essentials you’ll want to look into first.

While it may seem tempting to disappear off to your “house in the woods”, you’ll need to check that your chosen municipality allows for off-grid living first. Not all locales permit this style of living, so doing some investigative work earlier on will save you the potential of a lot of grief down the road. You’ll also want to take into consideration where and how you’ll have water delivered and if natural gas is accessible (if not, you’ll be relying on propane). Without these, you may not get very far, and you certainly won’t be living very comfortably. The good news is, most municipalities have easily accessible information on these specifics, and we can help you when it comes to outfitting your new build with the best items available for your needs.


If you decide that you want to continue to live where you are and maintain the majority of your lifestyle, but make a few tweaks to go greener, realize that’s okay too

Living entirely remotely, or making other major shifts may not be on the horizon for everyone. Whether by circumstance or preference, only you can decide what options are best for you and your family. If you feel compelled to seek a greener, eco-friendly and sustainable way of living, our staff can easily partner with you to discover what options are available. From solar panels, wind power, LED lighting and more, we have a variety of products accessible to you. Contact us today to find out more!

That’s it for part two. Stay tuned for our third installment, discussing the must-haves for those that have decided that remote living is right for them!

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