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Off-Grid Energy Sources: Focus on Wind Turbines

A common thread of questions that Firepit Fundamentals addresses for customers revolve around alternative sources of energy. When it comes to making sure your tiny home, cabin, or even your current house is efficient and evenly powered, there are quite a few options at hand. Wind turbines offer a reliable way to generate energy and have become an increasingly popular. We stock quite a few different kinds of turbines, each of which boasts their own unique set of benefits. To help inquiring minds learn more about these fantastic sources of renewable energy, Fire Pit has compiled some basic information below.

What are wind turbines

Wind turbines are a method of power generation that relies upon, as the name suggests, wind rotating propellers connected to a rotor that harnesses the resulting energy. Sizes of such turbines vary greatly, with large scale units being grouped together in areas called farms (fun fact: Alberta has the third-largest wind market in Canada). These farms are being increasingly used to harvest sustainable energy that helps power communities, along with many homes joining the off-grid movement!

There are two main types

Turbines typically come in two groups: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal is the more readily recognizable kind, with their appearance resembling a more modernised windmill design. Vertical axis units tend to have more of an “egg beater” look. Both perform the same function. However, vertical axis turbines are heavier and thus may not perform as well in areas with inconsistent wind conditions, or where they can’t be placed high enough to receive a steady Windstream.

Something to keep in mind

While wind turbines are a fantastic way to generate power, due to their reliance on the weather, they may not be a feasible independent option for tiny home owners, or those looking to run completely off-grid. Fortunately, Firepit carries a wide selection of generators that can help keep you up and running.

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