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Now in Stock: The Guardian Fire Shield Safety Device

If you’ve read our post on the top 3 Tips to Consider, along with our list of products for off-grid housing, you should have a decent idea of a few of the aspects that are integral to setting up your tiny home. In addition to these resources, Firepit would like to highlight one of our newer and extremely useful products that can keep your home safe against one of the biggest concerns for tiny abodes: fire.

In comparison to their larger counterparts, tiny homes are particularly susceptible to irreparable fire damage due to the ability for flames to quickly spread throughout the small space. The Guardian Fire Shield helps to extinguish and control flames before it has a chance to spread, giving a cost-effective option that may buy you valuable time in the case of an emergency.

The GFS system was developed here in Canada, thanks to the efforts of former Fire Protection Officer, Matthew Perry. You may have even seen the product on CBC’s popular program, Dragon’s Den! Units are lightweight, easy to install, and will only discharge in the presence of extreme heat (i.e. actual flames). Lifespan is approximately five years, and unlike water-based systems, the dry-chem agent used by the GFS units will not cause substantial damage to your home.

Firepit Fundamentals carries GFS for $199.00, with a typical time frame of 1-2 weeks for delivery (depending on demand). Learn more about this fantastic Canadian product by contacting us, or order today!

2 responses to “Now in Stock: The Guardian Fire Shield Safety Device”

  1. Frank Zimmer says:

    I Am looking to purchase 100 Havens for resale.I am located in Kelowna BC Can you get back to me with price and availability Thank you Frank

    • Eddy Mills says:

      Hello Frank, to be a reseller you need to be a distributor/seller first. You need to contact GFS directly to get this set up.
      I can send them an e-mail and have them contact you as well.

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