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Making the Most of Your Tiny Home Bathroom

Think you’re stuck to boring, smelly, drab outhouse if you opt for tiny home life? Think again! With the ever growing off-grid, hybrid, and grid-tied housing trend, the possibilities for bathroom setups are becoming increasingly diverse. Sinks, showers, and yes, even flushable toilets are all available. To learn more about designing your tiny custom bathroom, read our tips below!

Consider your source of power

If you’ve read our guide to essential products for your off-grid home, you already know that finding the best fit for powering your home is essential. Batteries, solar products, and wind-based systems can all help you keep core appliances running smoothly. If you’re going for an RV-style micro home, you may be able to (with proper plumbing installed) use external hookups, like those found on campsites to help your water system function.

Identify your primary source of water

If you’re not going the RV hook up route, you’re going to need another way to keep thing flowing in your new household, especially if you want access to hot water via a tankless water heater. Pumps are a great way to make sure you have a consistent source to pull from. You may decide that certain fixtures don’t need a constant water stream (your toilet, for example). Once you know what needs to be powered, versus what you’d like to be self-sustaining, you can decide which setup is best suited to your specific needs.

Decide how you will dispose of waste or grey water

Making sure you have a system in place to deal with leftover shower run off, or human waste (black water) is an integral part of keeping a healthy environment within your tiny home. Grey water (the water left behind from showers, sinks, washing machines and the like) may be contaminated with soap, bacteria, dirt, etc. but is still clean enough to be reused. Recycling this kind of water is simple and has a variety of methods; that are suitable for different situations. When it comes to disposing of waste runoff that has come in contact with faecal matter, having a storage tank that can be emptied via appropriate plumbing, composting toilets, or regular trips to a delegated dumping station will help. Hybrid options do exist for off-grid homes, and we’d be happy to chat with you to discuss which solution best meets your needs.

Having a tiny home doesn’t lock you into having a tiny imagination! Firepit has decades of experience providing custom solutions for those looking to lead a more eco-conscious or fully remote lifestyle. Contact us today to learn how we can help you realize your tiny home dream!

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