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Buying Land for a Tiny Home: Requirements and Considerations

Tiny houses offer an option for Canadians looking to live a mortgage-free lifestyle and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Relative utility and efficiency are, in part, key factors to this rapidly growing trend in home construction. Canadian laws and regulations leave much to be desired and homeowners may want to learn more about tiny home considerations, including buying or renting land for a tiny home dwelling. Buying land may not save a tiny home owner from legal headaches.

Learn more about where to build or park a tiny home in Canada today.

Zoning Issues

Currently, zoning rules prohibit tiny houses in major cities and town. This provides incentive for new tiny house developments such as those being proposed in Regina. New developments may provide scenic views and provide an alternative to trailer parks. Tiny houses may provide a unique solution in areas such as Toronto and Vancouver as they may be able to be parked in a backyard. Tiny houses can range between $50,000 and $70,000 offering more affordable housing options to young people and seniors.

Parking Options

It is important to check into what the local statutes say about parking a tiny home in a specific area. Those looking to find an answer may contact a local Canadian by-law office. Legal issues generally arise from inquiries due to complaints. It is possible to park a tiny home inconspicuously on owned property in many areas. Some may find it easier to park a tiny house on a property owned by someone else that has a permanent structure. The tiny house would be considered an “accessory unit” or RV and it may be easier to get around loopholes in this fashion. Others are choosing to speak with park owners and managers and inquire into parking tiny homes in a chosen RV Park. Tiny house communities are also a response to finding a permanent home for tiny houses. In Canada, tiny homes can be found in urban communities, rural areas and off-grid.

Those interested in learning more about proposals “intentional” communities of these types of homes can get more details on the Tiny Homes website. Web-based communities include the Smart Communities Ontario, a volunteer organization exploring legal and economical solutions to developing pocket communities of tiny houses in Ontario. In many ways, tiny homes can meet higher construction standards than traditional homes. These homes are constructed similarly to the way homes in densely populated areas are, only they are built to a much higher standard.

Tiny House Definition

As there are multiple definitions used to describe a tiny house, regulations in an area may apply to one type of tiny house fabrication but not another type of tiny house. Regulations may be used to apply to a tiny house constructed on a foundation or chassis, a tiny house on wheels, such as on a trailer, or a compact house with a footprint that does not meet the minimum required by zoning laws. Therefore, knowing not only the laws applying to tiny houses in general in the area, but also whether or not they may apply to a specific type of construction are important in deciding whether a tiny home is the best option, or a more traditional downsizing lifestyle is meant for you.

Learn More About Canadian Tiny Home Requirements

According to the Tiny Home Alliance, it is important to know that a current or future tiny home owner know about building codes, zoning laws, standards, insurance, financing, fixed and mobile options as they apply to a tiny home. In addition, tiny home owners need to know their rights and current practices at the local, provincial and federal level. Specific variations in applications for housing requirements can be found starting on 3.1 of “Tiny Houses in Canada’s Regulatory Context: Issues and Recommendations”.

17 responses to “Buying Land for a Tiny Home: Requirements and Considerations”

  1. Sharilou Zister says:

    I have a client interested in starting a tiny home (compact home) community. Where have you found land to build these communities in Canada. Looking for an information on this type of development. Anything would help

    • Eddy Mills says:

      Hello, thanks for the inquiry. Canada is VERY large with many jurisdictions. If you are specifically interested in western Canada and have more detailed info I may be able to help you out.

      Best regards,

    • Kerry Keogh says:

      Hi we are thinking of doing this in Prince Edward Island in Canada

      How did things go? Any tips or advice?

  2. V. P. says:

    Any suggestion for Manitoba resident?

    • Eddy Mills says:

      Sorry for the late response. Every province has their own rules and regs. Best is to check in the local area with your Municipality. Regards,

  3. Heather Slack says:

    Hi, my fiancé and I are looking to purchase a tiny home and live in Kingston Ontario,
    Not sure if they’re are any tiny homes currently or just outside the area?
    We’re not sure how to go about buying land or renting land and everything else

    • Cathy Mauro says:

      Hi. I read that there is one in Kingston. Look up Tiny Home Community in Kingston. If I have to live somewhere in community I would prefer to know my neighbours first.

  4. This information are very useful, people planning to have a tiny home should read this to get inputs to help them for them dream build.

  5. Denyse says:

    Would like to find out about tiny homes or tiny homes communities in Brantford or Norfolk county ( Delhi) or other Ont areas. OR Is anyone putting in communities and renting houses ?

    • Mary says:

      Hi Denyse. I live in london ont. I am looking to sell rhe house i currently own and buy a tiny house. Have u found any homes or communities in your search yet?

  6. Suzanne B. says:

    Was trying to subscribe to your newsletter but it would not let me stating that it was no longer available.
    Any reason why? Would love to get news regularly on tiny homes as this could possibly become a future aspiration.
    Thank you and have a good day!

  7. Sandra says:

    Can you live on your own property in a trailer year around in London Ontario? What do I need to know about the legal laws for tiny homes in London Ontario

  8. K says:

    Hi, I am looking in the Niagara region, any suggestions or inside?

  9. Joyce Brookes says:

    I am thinking of buying a tiny home if I can purchase property around Kitchener. I am a sensenior. May concider two

  10. Danielle Ekollo says:

    My husband and I are looking into purchasing our own home. A tiny house is an interesting option.

  11. gabriele halley says:

    rules and reg tiny home build in new brunswick nova scotia or pei.help.. looking for small acreage…close to water.. anyone????

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